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[Fic] Tomates y Amor-- APRIL FOOLS FIC

;) It is April 2nd now, so I hope you all enjoyed my attempts at pranking you. The real chapter 5 is in the works and should be up soon. If it isn't counterheist will :| at me and then I'll work extra hard on it after Sakuracon. Thanks for sticking with this story, I know the updates are few and far between!

Lovino woke up on the couch, with no memory of why exactly he was there and not in his bed. His clothes were ruffled and wrinkled, showing he'd clearly been there awhile. He glanced at the watch still firmly in place on his wrist. 1 AM. He yawned and stretched out, stomach rumbling as he did so. "Where'd Antonia get off to," he mumbled, wondering why his strange new house guest hadn't woken him up by singing to the tomatoes or making him dinner or whatever else it was she did.

He got up to look around, calling out her name as he looked around the small apartment. It wasn't that he was worried-- if her "prince" had shown up and whisked her away, whatever, he didn't have to deal with her-- he was just feeling really hungry and lazy and he knew she'd make him something to eat. That was all.


No answer.

"Antonia, seriously, not cool. Where'd you go?"



Lovino jumped when the voice that answered back was decidedly not-female (though barely, tch), only to calm down when he realised it was just Feliciano. "Don't jump out at me like that moron. Did you see where Antonia went?"


Lovino rolled his eyes. "Yes, stupid. The woman you met earlier? About this tall," he gestured with his hands. "Green eyes, curly brown hair, you two got along really well?"

Feliciano just blinked at Lovino.

"She just showed up here. Too dumb to find her way home. Getting married to some airhead named Antonio. Ringing any bells?" Lovino was starting to get more flustered the more Feliciano just stared at him with blank, uncomprehending eyes. "Ruined my favourite shirt to make a dress for herself? You don't remember?"

Suddenly Feliciano's eyes lit up with recognition (somehow... even though they weren't quite open) and then he was laughing and Lovino was even more irritated because damnit, he hated it when people laughed near him when it wasn't at something he also found funny. "Lovi, did you fall asleep watching that Enchanted movie again?"

"...What now?"

Feliciano just kept giggling and pat him on the shoulder. "Ve, you're so silly, Fratello. Go back to bed and stop staying up so late."

With that, Feliciano steered a sputtering Lovino towards his bedroom. A bedroom where all his best shirts were still hung up in the closet, untouched by any hands but his own. A bedroom where, from the small window on the wall, he could see the rain pouring down outside, he could glimpse his back deck and see his tomatoes were completely uncovered and taking a beating from the storm.

A bedroom where he laid down to sleep, utterly confused and wondering what had happened, why that dream had seemed so real, and why, now that was rid of that mysterious woman, he wasn't feeling so excited about it...

And they all lived. Because there are no happily ever afters.

"Got you!"

"Aghhh, fuck, what?!" Lovino struggled when a pair of arms wrapped around him. A pair of finely manicured hands.

"What the fuck, Antonia?! Feliciano, what is this!"

"APRIL FOOLS!" they both cried, quickly running off to recover the tomatoes and escape Lovino's wrath.

Yeah I'm hilarious. Your scrolling bar probs looked so long. Anyway this is obvs not the real chapter, the real chapter is STILL BEING WORKED ON. And that might be the real header. Who knows. Possiblamente. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS THIS IS MY PATHETIC ATTEMPT AT A JOKE ENJOY YOUR DAYS!

Tags: fic, hetalia, romano, spain, tomates y amor, writing
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